Hairloom Glam Girl Workshop

Friday, 13 March 2015

Hey there beauties!

Hair styled by Reno from Hairloom
Make-up by Larry Yeo
Black Sparkly Jumpsuit from Warehouse
Metallic Pouch from Warehouse
Necklace from Club Monaco
Lace-up Snakeskin Heels from Zara

The look you see above is the end result of last Friday's hair and make-up workshop by Hairloom x Glam Palm.

That black jumpsuit is from Warehouse, which I very deliberately wore as I was curious to see how different hair & makeup could change a versatile monochromatic look from day to night.

True enough, with celeb make-up artist Larry Yeo and Hairloom stylist Reno Tan's stroke of genius, my entire look was dressed up and then down in a matter of two hours.

Larry used only YSL make-up products

Talking about make-up, it was like an 'aha!' moment for me when Larry touched on the topic of bold lips: I never believed I could pull off bold lippies because I always felt it drew extra attention to my lips but Larry totally changed that when he demonstrated how to achieve a chic yet glam look by pairing a minimal eye look with a YSL pink lip. Hooray for me!

When it came to hairstyles, Reno was totally in sync with Larry in the way he did a show-and-tell on how to use the Glam Palm to create different hairdos - both casual and formal. Each time, Reno's hairstyles would complement Larry's makevers (and vice versa), showing us how to dress up or down any outfit you have on.

Reno used only Redken products

TADAAA! Ready for a night out!

As an aside, I've never used a styling iron before.  (Well, except for the one time I tried and ended up burning the side of my ear. Needless to say, that completely put me off holding anything hot near my head.) So when Reno first introduced Glam Palm, I have to admit I was skeptical and hesitant. But I think I'm a convert now as it's great the way Glam Palm lets you straighten or curl your hair whichever way you want - and really effortlessly. No burnt ears so far so that's a great sign. Plus it heats up in less than 5 minutes which is great when you're running late - which I assume is quite frequently anyway.

I now have a Glam Palm myself and have also managed to convince 3 of my friends to buy one each so there you go, take my word for it! :)

Of course, I hope the 16 of you who received exclusive invites to this Hairloom show-and-tell enjoyed yourselves thoroughly and made use of Larry & Reno's expertise to gather the beauty tips you've always wanted to gather.

Notice Grace's (left) and Stephanie's (right) hair...

Spot the difference? That's the magic of the Glam Palm ;)

Group photo with the Hairloom team <3

And as for me, the biggest hair & makeup tips to incorporate into my own beauty regime are...

#01. Always pair a bold lip with a natural eye look.

#02. Heat protecting products are a must before styling your hair. I now use Redken's Heat Protectant Spray.

#03. Don't let lipstick samples go to waste next time! Try layering a few lipstick colours together and you might be pleasantly surprised (I recently tried layering a purple lipstick sample with red and pink lipstick shades and ended up loving the end result!)

Good luck with bold lips and Glam Palm-ing your hair, ladies! 

A big thank you to all sponsors Hairloom, Glam Palm, YSL, Redken, F3 Singapore/Warehouse and Female Magazine.

 Photos by Hairloom and Ace Chia



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