Friday 26 December 2014

Ta-daa, short hair selfie! Sorry for the close-up egotrip but what better way to commemorate 'The Day I Chopped Off My Precious Hair'.

Precious hair that I've kept long for over a decade, that I've dyed and highlighted and permed and braided and cut bangs and straightened but have NEVER had the guts to wear short.

In a way, I'm a sissy when it comes to hair. I can do textures and colours but cutting my hair short gives (or used to give) me panic attacks. Long hair, to me, is like a security blanket. It's a veil I can hide behind when I want to avoid eye contact; it's also a relief to be able to twirl your hair when you're in awkward situations and of course, which girl doesn't like to be able to flip her hair this way and that ;)

Well, I must say though - "short hair" to me isn't Emma Watson short.
In my books, "short hair" = anything above the collar bones or just touching the shoulders.

Anyways, when Hairloom approached Sips and I for a hair makeover, I was initially apprehensive as I had just cut my hair a couple of months back. I couldn't do much to it, other than dye it an outrageous colour or....

...I could cut it even shorter.

I started by looking for hair inspiration on Pinterest. Trust me, the search went on for ages (short hair girls, short hair sexy, short hair tousled, short hair bed head - you get the gist).

Finally, I settled on a few I really liked:

When I showed these to Reno at Hairloom, I waited for him to tell me these styles wouldn't suit me...

Fortunately or unfortunately, he didn't.

And just like that, I spent the next hour or so trying not to freak out about getting my hair cut. Instead, I browsed through fashion mags and thought about how I could change my wardrobe to suit my new hair (nah, it never happened).

I was even zen enough to let Reno dye (a medium ash brown) + highlight (a bright ash tone) my hair however he pleased.

And just like that, a couple of hours later, I strolled out of Hairloom feeling like a new woman. Yep.

The first couple of days were about exploration and experimentation. I tried different products on my hair (mousse, wax, curl lotion, volumising powder), tried sleeping with it wet and then sleeping with it dry. Tried parting it to the left, and then to the right.

And you know what? The more time goes by, the more I love my short(er) hair! I'm finding that my hair has a pretty good texture when it's short, which is a nice surprise. I'm also liking that it's less feminine and less predictable. And the best part (imo), it's got a whole lot more volume!

Most days now, I wear it with one side tucked behind my ear (an excuse for fancy earrings) and the other side as big as it can get :)


Meanwhile, to celebrate embracing yourself + short hair girls with a whole lot of personality, I worked with Hairloom to create a set of three prints featuring quotes on individuality and shots from Hairloom's super cool portfolio.

Prints from L to R: Maya Angelou, Oscar Wilde, Coco Chanel

AND and's the part where you get the good stuff too!

1. We have five of each print available for a hair-related giveaway from now till 10th Jan 2015! 
All you need to do is to follow @instahairloom & @witxflly on Instagram, repost a pic of the print you'd like with a caption of your 2015 hair resolution (e.g. "This year, I want candyfloss hair"). Obviously, we're going to pick winners based on how creative you get with your hair resolution so go crazy! Be a unicorn! And of course, don't miss out hashtagging #WitxFollyforHairloom.

2. The top 3 winners of the giveaway get a FREE Hairloom Cut & Colour makeover worth $500, redeemable from 1 March - 1 May 2015!
What Sips and I really liked about the team at Hairloom is the amount of detail and attention the stylists give you before they start re-designing your hair. Call it a hair consultation if you like - they take the time to get a feel for your hair texture, understand your everyday hair routine and make sure they look at every single one of your 101 'what I like vs what I don't like' hair inspiration pics before they get to work.

SO, if you've been thinking of revamping your look for 2015, now's the time really! Start by hopping over to @instahairloom & @witxflly on Instagram. You know the drill :)...

From Wit & Folly and the folks at Hairloom, here's wishing you a

(Sorry, I couldn't help it!)

To book an appointment, call: +65 6295 2088
Hairloom Address: 100 Beach Road #01-50/52 Shaw Towers Singapore, Singapore 189702
Click here to visit Hairloom's website or here to visit their Facebook Page.



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