Collaboration #7: Ash is the new black // Hairloom x SiPei

Sunday 28 December 2014

My hair has been pretty much the same all my life (i.e long & mulan-black) so when Hairloom - Singapore's leading creative Hair Salon with clients such as local artistes Rui En, Oon Shu An and Joanne Peh - offered to give me a "hair transformation", I really couldn't decline! I had been thinking about it for the longest time but never really had the guts to do so… I decided that it was about time; took that “leap of faith” and fixed an appointment with Hairloom.

Hairloom is located at a very unexpected, tranquil space in Shaw Towers. Dotted with quirky art pieces, it's clear that Hairloom appreciates creativity. 

I was introduced to my hair stylist Reno Tan. He seemed quite shy at first but gradually opened up as we talked about Hairloom and “in” hairstyles at the moment. For my “hair transformation”, Reno recommended that I should 1) snip a few inches of my hair off (have a hair length slightly below my shoulders) 2) dye my hair jet black OR a cool brown shade. He explained that cool colours would help make a person appear fairer and “brighter” ;)

Understanding that I needed some time to think and decide on what I wanted to do with my hair, Reno decided to give me a trim and an Intensive Hair Treatment during this first appointment. I loved how he was extremely conscientious while attending to me, I honestly felt as if he had already been my stylist for years!

This Intensive Hair Treatment that Reno gave me was a 5-step process that lasted about an hour and at the end of it, I immediately felt that my hair was softer and shinier. It’s the best for anyone wanting a solution for dry hair and I swear it visibly lasted for 2-3 weeks (or for me at least)!

Reno and I at the end of my first enjoyable experience at Hairloom!

About a month later when I was ready, I headed back to Hairloom for my “transformation”… I decided on what Reno recommended; dyeing my hair a cool brown shade and snipping a few inches off!
Reno chose an Ash Brown colour dye for me and also gave me a Hyaluronic Acid Treatment – an after-dye hair treatment for moist and shiny hair.

Before (my goodness, I didn’t know my hair was this long! Haha)

After :)

Me presenting Reno a Certificate of Excellence for great hair styling – okay I'm just kidding...

I am super happy with my current hair colour because it isn’t drastically different but at the same time, people have told me it's really perked me up. Just like Reno said, I guess I do look and feel “brighter”. Maybe even softer and more neutral as I find my hair now goes with any colour when it comes to clothes as compared to before when black used to look a little harsh.

 Thank you Reno and Hairloom!

To book an appointment, call: +65 6295 2088
Hairloom Address: 100 Beach Road #01-50/52 Shaw Towers Singapore, Singapore 189702
Click here to visit Hairloom's website or here to visit their Facebook Page.


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